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New CD is out!

I've just finished recording a new CD at my son Tom's studio. All packaged and ready to go! Cost is £5, plus £1.60 postage and packing.
PHEW! What a summer that was: after gigs at 4 festivals, I finished with surprise local gigs at The White Bear in Devizes, the Weavers Market in Trowbridge and Kettlesmith Brewery. Hugely enjoyable year (if not a bit exhausting!) Making a few plans now for next year.
Thanks to all those who have supported me.
Update  ... Sorry folks; I was looking forward to a record summer of festival gigs and local pub appearances. But the virus means that - as far as I can see - these are all very unlikely to happen. I'll give it a couple of months and review this.


As I'm just as obsessed with guitars as with The Blues, it makes sense to keep you abreast with my thoughts and news about guitars.
Having vowed (again!) not to buy any more, I've just bought 2!
I've been meaning for a while now to find a live-gig substitute for the dear 1918 L1 archtop. I found a 1934 Gibson L-00 in the latest Gardiner Houlgate auction. It sounded crap, but  - in my view - due to crap strings. I bought it, and am delighted to say a set of new strings solved all the problems!

But then something crazy happened. You'll see from the Guitars page that I am obsessed with the history of guitars, and I'm fascinated with that crucial period between the baroque guitars of the 18th century and the establishment of more playable 6-string "parlour" guitars from the mid-19th century. Well - I've fallen for it, and managed to bid successfully for an 1820 French guitar, which illustrates this bridge beautifully. And I can play it! Go to "my guitars" to have a look.
The bad news is that some of the frets on my beloved 1929 National Triolian have worn down so badly that they are virtually level with the fretboard! Very reluctantly, I think I'm going to have to refret it.